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Our Story

It started with an allergy, it inspired a thesis, and now it is a life style

Madison Coker started Failing Forward Farm as a way to share with people the necessity to keep foods and products locally sourced.


At three years old, Madison's parents discovered that she was allergic to artificial food dyes. She was irrational and temper tantrums were a frequent occurrence. Once they cut the artificial dyes out of her diet, it was night and day difference. In seventh grade, Madison introduced artificial food dyes back into her diet thinking she had outgrown her allergy. Low and behold, little had changed. She had not grown out of her allergy, just grown up.


For four years, school and chores were a nightmare and social interaction were awkward. Finaly, Madison discovered the truth and cut out the artificial food dyes again. Because of this, she had to be careful to watch the labels on food products and made her question 'what else is in our food?' This inspired her to write her Senior Thesis on 'People Should Keep A Majority Of Their Food Locally Sourced'. To read her Thesis click HERE

Now, Failing Forward Farm seeks to lead by example. Failure is success in progress, and if at first you do now succeed, try, try again. 

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